Rewriting Climate Headlines

Rewriting Climate Narratives is a collaborative project between 5 artists collaborating with journalists from the Middle East area. The artists worked in close collaboration with journalists in order to convey their research in a visual way. This resulted in three projects dealing with water deprivation of women in Jordan, the smuggling of peregrine falcons into the UAE and wildfires subsidised by the Moroccan government. The exhibition was presented during ARIJ16, the biggest investigative journalist conference of the Middle East. 

We facilitated the communication between the artists, the journalists and ARIJ and designed and produced the spatial design. We placed emphasis on the temporary nature of designing a traveling exhibition that would be on show for a few days. The exhibition was constructed of 150 lightweight wooden sticks, 300 reusable red cable binders and 50 black crates from a market in Amman and connects the elements in an impermanent way. These elements were prepared in the Netherlands and based on the size of two big suitcases, in which they were brought to Amman. The exhibition was assembled in Jordan and brought back home.

The project is ongoing, the next phase of the exhibition will be presented in the Netherlands in 2024.

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Together with:
Ahmed Ashour, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), belit sağ, Boris Westering, Cristina Lavosi, Daan Veerman, Dalia Barhoum, E’thar AlAzem, Hanadi Abu Khader, Hattie Wade, Jan Johan Draaistra, Jungeun Lee, Munir Al-Khatib, Nelleke Broeze, Niels Schrader, Rawan Damen, Sophie Czich, Yassir El Makhtoum and Mohammed Komani

Rewriting Climate Headlines